Kimberley Hall Wedding ~ Laura & Stuart

Wedding Venues in Norfolk, Kimberley Hall Wedding
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WHERE WAS IT?    Wramplingham Church and then Kimberley Hall.  My Dad lent us his car (which while being old is by no means a classic yet!) to get from the church to the reception which was great as we got to chat!  We also hired a vintage bus from Spratts.
THE THEME/STYLE:    We were very anti theme!  Our style was traditional in places, but relaxed.  Simplicity was the key!  It was really important that our wedding involved so many of our family and friends.  We tried to look for lots of ways (or they just volunteered!) to make people feel included in the day - Our best mate and MC Boz made a photo quiz and best man speech time betting slip for each table!  Our invitations were designed by our friend Jenni Murphy.  We had two vicars, Tim who is our local vicar and our friend Jason married us.
BRIDE’S DRESS:     A Pronovia  dress from La Crème in Norwich
BRIDE’S SHOES:     My best friend's wedding shoes (Jane Shilton)
JEWELLERY/ACCESSORIES:    A ring my best girlfriends bought me on my 21st, my Grandma's brooch and my best friend Lucie's ring were on my bouquet
HAIR:   My hair and the bridesmaids hair was done beautifully and so quickly by The Hairdresser in Norwich
MAKEUP: My best friend is a beauty therapist so she did most of it
WEDDING RINGS (SUPPLIER DETAILS ONLY):   When I volunteered in Africa I bought them in Zanzibar off the side of a road!  They are worth thousands of Tanzanian shillings but very few pounds!  Then we had them re-sized by Albrow & Sons Jewellers
GROOM/GROOMSMEN’S ATTIRE/COLOURS:   Greenwoods sorted us out with some lovely reasonably priced suits.  We were really impressed by how accommodating they were.  The colours were chosen by the boys as we wanted them to be able to choose something that they were going to wear all day!
FLOWERS:    As you can see from the photos the flowers were so pretty.  Jane Goody did our table centrepieces (sweet peas and gypsophila) and she did some of the larger arrangements in the church.  Some kind family friends volunteered for the rest of the church flowers.  My auntie made the buttonholes and bouquets.  The flowers were mainly pale roses with lots of eucalyptus and gypsophila.
RECEPTION DÉCOR DETAILS:  Kimberley Hall doesn't really need dressing so we opted for some paper pom-poms that my sister kindly made and I bought a few wicker hearts from Primark!
WEDDING PLANNER:  Sarah Softley of Softley Events is provided as part of the Kimberley Hall package.  She was fab on the day - she co-ordinated everything smoothly.
CAKE:    Our lovely caterer Sarah Beckett-Reid made us a Victoria Sponge.
FOOD & DRINKS:   Sarah Beckett-Reid did a brilliant job of bringing our Italian vision to life.  We had platters of parma ham, mozzarella and salad with bread baskets and bowls of new potatoes.  The idea being that if people were passing things round they were talking to one another even if they hadn't met yet.  She did some amazing canapés as well, these were our starter to save time and we had a cake made for each table which people ate while they listened to our speeches again to save time of cutting and putting on plates.
WEDDING FAVORS:  We made everyone a personalised wine glass with our wedding date and their name on.  The guests then took them home - we only have a few left to distribute to those who left them behind!
HONEYMOON:   We went to Italy and stayed in an amazing spa and then went on a riding holiday in Tuscany.
WEDDING SONGS/FIRST DANCE:   Our DJ was our mate Will Pointer as he normally DJs in Norwich we told we needed a mixture of his classic Beluga sets mixed with a few dance songs that he normally plays in Tao.  Our first dance was Temper Trap Sweet Disposition as we both love it and it has a slow minute to be lovey dovey and then the beat kicks in and everyone flooded the dancefloor!
SOURCES OF INSPIRATION:   Our friend Jenni Murphy  designed our amazing invitations.  Stuart is half Irish so we wanted to create the party atmosphere that Irish weddings have where everyone drinks and dances a lot!  My dad owns a gallery so he knocked up a beautiful photo booth by hanging a frame between two A-frames - free and brilliant fun!
MEMORABLE MOMENT:  We did a joint bride and groom speech which we were really nervous about but once we stood up and started speaking it was so fun and our first challenge as husband and wife!