Brandon Country Park Pre-Wedding Session with Amy & Andy

There's been a strong sense of nature, wilderness and green space in my latest run of pre-wedding sessions. I LOVE shooting in these kind of locations, all imposing pines, rolling grassland and windblown dunes. Probably my most favourite part of the world I've travelled is the Pacific Northwest and Oregon and Californian coastline. I often draw inspiration from the engagement and wedding images that are made by photographers based in that part of the world. It may seem silly but I try to capture a comparable feel in my own work when I can. Brandon Country Park in the heart of mountain-free Breckland and made up of forest and heathland boasts plenty of opportunities to pay homage to these more exotic locations (without the fear of stumbling upon a grizzly OR spraying oneself with bear spray - but that's another story).

Amy and Andy spend many hours here cycling and walking with their four-legged bundle of craziness so it seemed appropriate to make it our goto destination for their pre-wedding shoot a couple of weeks ago.